Russell speaks on: SID 6.7

Sid 6.7 is played by Russell Crowe ("The Quick and the Dead," "Romper Stomper"). "Sid 6.7 is made up of 183 different personalities," explains Crowe, "yet because of the personality of his creator, he's a lot broader than being just a killer. He is also interactive, so it all depends on what's coming at him as to what part of him comes out. Sid 6.7 understands morality -- he just takes no notice of it. He is an absolute killing machine with an intelligence quotient that rests on genius because of all the people who have been programmed into him." Remarks Washington, "Sid 6.7 is a combination of the worst killers of all time." Crowe adds, "As evil as I can be as Sid 6.7, Denzel Washington can match that with being heroic as Parker Barnes, which is a lot of fun."

Sid 6.7's synthetic body and his super-human intelligence make him a formidable opponent for Parker Barnes. "His nanotech cells are silicon-based," says Russell Crowe, "so if he loses a limb he can regenerate his body parts. You can shoot him as many times as you want, but he's going to keep on going." "Sid 6.7 bleeds blue 'nano-blood,'" observes Denzel Washington about the synthetic substance that fuels Sid 6.7's system.

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