April 17, 1996

John Aaron Productions/National Film Board co-production "FOR THE MOMENT" OPENS IN NEW YORK, CHICAGO AND LOS ANGELES

The John Aaron Productions/National Film Board co-production FOR THE MOMENT, written and directed by Aaron Kim Johnston, opens theatrically in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles on April 19.

Released in the U.S. by Twentieth Century Fox, the award-winning Canadian feature follows the romantic tale of a young Australian airman and a spirited woman brought together by war during Allied training missions in the Canadian prairies.

In Canada, FOR THE MOMENT will be available soon from the NFB's partner public libraries. To find the library closest to you, call the NFB toll-free at 1-800-267-7710.

Co-winner of the Most Popular Canadian Film Award at the Vancouver Film Festival, FOR THE MOMENT is a two-time Genie Nominee and winner of seven Manitoba Motion Picture Industries Association Awards. It's the second successful collaboration between NFB producers Joe MacDonald and Ches Yetman and independent producers Jack Clements and Aaron Kim Johnston: in 1989, they co-produced The Last Winter, winner of 16 international awards and one of the highest grossing Canadian films.

FOR THE MOMENT stars Russell Crowe as the dashing Aussie airman. Crowe appeared in The Quick and the Dead with Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman, Virtuosity with Denzel Washington, and will be seen in Rough Magic with Bridget Fonda. Canadian Christianne Hirt stars as "Lill," the lonely, married woman who has a brief but passionate affair. Hirt played the lead role in the TV series Lonesome Dove and co-starred in the features Wojeck and Ice Princess. The film also stars Wanda Cannon and Scott Kraft.

FOR THE MOMENT is produced by John Aaron Productions in co-production with the NFB, in association with the CBC, with the participation of Telefilm Canada, the Cultural Industries Development Office of Manitoba, and Rogers Telefund. The film is distributed in Canada by Malofilm.