Partial translation of Japanese dialogue in No Way Back

initial scene where Zack and Japanese partner meet yakuza thugs
Partner: This is Mr.Kobayashi's (something) hands briefcase over
note--he is using the polite form

blue-suited guy speaking on phone
Guy: Two people came

Yuji has entered, and is examing the contents of the briefcase
Yuji: (I don't know)
Partner: Please, (something)
note--he is using familiar form
The rest of this dialogue was too mumbled to understand, but they did call Zack a G.I.Joe. You may want to note that Japanese men do not speak clearly. If it were women speaking, they would have enunciated better. No, I'm not being sexist. Japanese men don't open their mouths very much when they speak because they want to be stern

Scene where Zack is dealing cards, and Partner is at red table with Yuji
Partner: Who is (someone).
note--he is using the most formal form now.
Again, what they are saying is unknown, but they are speaking of something that happened previously because they are using past tense. After the cut to Zack, in the next bit of dialogue, they are speaking of Seiko, perhaps her death? Yuji keeps asking, 'who?'.

Scene after blue-suited guy pushes chair into Partner
Yuji: Who did it after? (not sure on this)

I'm sorry this translation isn't that great, I had to use my sister, who's only in her third year of high school Japanese(she goes to a rich high school, different from the one I went to), and she hasn't learned much vocabulary yet. Incidentally, the actor who plays Yuji is considered to be the Tom Cruise of Japan. (^_^)