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Austin Film Festival, 1997

...Tonight as I sit third row center at the Paramount Theater as I have done hundreds of times, Russell Crowe took the stage to talk about his film, Breaking Up. The film had just finished and he was fielding questions. In the middle of it all he stopped. Then he said, "You're him aren't you?... You're that guy... the guy with that website aren't you?" I was just staring at him. I mean here is someone who I had just spent an hour and a half watching make out with Salma Hayek. If ever there was a moment in my life to use the line, "You talking to me?" this was it. No, I didn't say that. I could feel 1400 pairs of eyes staring at Crowe and the back of a fat red head guy's head. My cheeks began to go flush, and I said, "ummm yeah."

The little conversation went on a bit longer, then it was back to Q & A. I was stunned. Here was a real live actor, who I have no doubts, will be a very big star one day, pointing me out in an audience. The sad part is I have to say in my review of his film I saw this night that I thought it was pretty bad. I can say for his behalf, I don't think it's his fault or Salma's, but a lack of story development, character development and a lack of direction and pacing. You wanna see Russell Crowe, go see L.A. Confidential, that's a real damn good movie.

Later I got a chance to shake Russell's hand and do a little chit chatting at a party after the screening. I didn't hang on to him, because I respect his right to drink Shiner Boch and eat Guacamole at his own pace.

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