Set Report from Gladiator

from Antonio Meitin

I played a Spanish warrior, drafted into the Roman army and Russell played my superior officer and best friend to the emperors son, played by Joaquin pheonix (Rivers brother) Richard Harris plays the Emperor, and from what I can gather the two stars have a gladitorial fight to the death at the films climax, the part of the film I was involved in took place in a forest outside London called 'Tilford common' and the battle scenes consisted of thousands of extras, the next stage of the film goes to Malta where they are constructing a full scale model of a Roman colusium, together with 28,000 extras, the budget is over half a million pound sterling - per day and it is rumoured to be the most expensive film ever made, even outstripping 'Titanic's budget.

I spoke to Russell on a couple of occasions and he has a great sense of humour, and not what you would expect from a hollywood actor, for example on one occassion he placed a block of wood on the tip of his sword and asked if anybody could find a continuity problem!

after the day's shoot a few of us were invited to Russell's trailer and we had a few drinks and opened up, and generally had a good laugh, Russell never talked about much of his past hense my curiosity in your Web page, but he did say a few interesting things that the media would love to print given a chance, however I must not go into that I would not like break any kind of unspoken confidentiality thing we had going.

A great big THANK YOU to Antonio for sending this in :)
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