Point of View: Words from one who worked with RC on No Way Back

Subj: Re:NWB
Date: 96-10-01 04:22:47 EST
From: FCAP

Don't have any info on NWB HBO premiere. I'll try and find out soon. As for working with RC, there are a lot of good things to say but everyone always wants to hear the dirt.

I believe RC's tainted rep comes from wanting the same perfection from his crew that he practices in his craft. He is tough and demanding but if you can keep up with him, he'll be the first to stand up for you. Case in point - He was on the prop guy's case so much at the start of NWB, wanting to make sure his watch was set to the right time for each scene. It seemed like a trivial thing to the prop guys and they didn't take him seriously. Not at first. After a pretty thorough public reaming, the guy's understood his position. That if they can't handle the smallest details, how can he trust them on the more important ones? They shaped up and by the end of the production, RC had nothing but great things to say about the guys and vise versa.

RC is good and he knows it. In Hollywood we don't call that an overinflated ego, (since everyone has some of it) we call it confidence. He's definately not this ogre some have made him out to be.

Subj: Re:Newley
Date: 96-10-05 21:27:16 EST
From: FCAP

>>>>The only Aussie actor I see a lot is Paul Mercurio,and there is a BIG difference in them(namely in talent).>>>

Paul's agent is always try to push him on producers and directors out here as a "nice RC". What exactly is his rep, according to people who know of him. (Not many here, I can tell you) Other then Strictly Ballroom, I'm not familiar with his work.

Subj: Re:Newley
Date: 96-10-08 12:06:18 EST
From: FCAP

>>>>FCAP: I think it's really disturbing to hear comments like: <> I'm not doubting that Mecurio's agent said it...but aside from the people who work with RC...do the *top guys* in Hollywood actually perceive him as having a bad reputation? M7>>>>

Most definately. Most executives will tell you what they truly think of an actor or director if that actor or director is not "hitting". Of course as soon as they do "hit", everyone has nothing but grand things to say because they want them in their movie. But a good rep will go along way in a "so so" career.

Speaking of accents. RC had to loop (replace his dialogue in post production) every single line in TQATD because of accent. So if you think his voice wasn't right, imagine what the original tracks sounded like. RC is a fantastic looper, though, is able to do a 100 lines in one day which is practically unheard of. It takes incredible timing and ability to hit the rythms and still keep a sense of performance that incrediblyi hard to recapture on a sound stage. He actually improves his performance in post!

Subj: Re:Costas Mandalor
Date: 96-10-16 02:46:48 EST
From: FCAP

Found myself at a party at RC's rental while he was in LA during Virtuosity and Costas was there wanting very much to work with RC on anything. (Did he have a small part in Virtousity?) Since it was a party of "down unders" Roger Donaldson was there, Jack Thomson (from Sumof Us), the director who did Fabulous Baker Boys (forget his name right now) and several others. RC ended up bringing out one of his guitars from an incredible collection and started singing ballets. A very family oriented get togther. Kids were running around. RC encouraged everyone to bring them, hates the typical Hollywood bash. I don't think I even saw anyone in basic black!

Courtesy FCAP