Set report from Mystery Alaska

by Gordon Michaels

I've had the pleasure of working on the set of Mystery, Alaska for the past 2 weeks, just thought I'd update your information.

The original title was "Pond Rules", but I havn't found out the reason for the change. Neither Robert Duvall nor W.H. Macey are in the picture, but Burt Renolds and Maury Chayken are. Colm Meaney and Hank Azeria are excellent in the roles, and Burt seems to have entered the ranks of Elder Statesman of film. He's really quite touched about his nomination.

Russel is the consumate pro on the set. He understands his character and his performances are his usual understated brilliance. His hard work learning to skate well and play hockey have paid off, he looks pretty convincing on the ice.

The climax of the film (the game with the Rangers) starts filming on March 16. They've scheduled 14 days of shooting for the scene.

The story is being shot in Canmore, Alberta (where "The Edge" and "Last of the Dogmen" were also shot). The town you will see in the movie is a set that was built from the ground up, and it's amazing. The only real problem -- snow, or the lack of it. Canmore hasn't seen any real snow for over a month and the weather has been above freezing for most of the shooting. Truckloads of snow from a nearby ski hill are brought in every night to keep up appearances. But the beautiful terrain, that's real Canadian Rockies.

A TREMENDOUS thanks to Gordon for sending this to me. (^_^)