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Russell Crowe (actor/musician) played SID 6.7 opposite Denzel Washington in the film, "Virtuosity." I received a call that he wanted me to work on this CD cover for his band, "30 Odd Foot of Grunts." The name he says comes from laying all the band members end to end, which equals "30 odd foot", and a "grunt" being a masculine sound is how they arrived at this particular name. Initially the CD will only be available for release in New Zealand and Australia (his home base). Russell is very interesting. I was personally fascinated with his visual intuitiveness. I found his artistic sensibility to be really quite powerful, and it was real delight to work with him because of this. He told me one day he wanted to direct his own film, and I have no doubt after I got to know him better that he would do a terrific job. The cover we developed is about what he calls the hollow emptiness of fame. The final digital illustration was drawn in Fractal Design's Painter.

30 Odd Foot of Grunts

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