Astrolical Profile of Russell Crowe

birth date: April 7, 1964

Sun in Aries: very bold, individual, pioneering, creative, charismatic, fiery, cutting edge, powerful, brave (sometimes overly).

Moon in Aquarius: caring in an abstract, humanitarian way; inventive with emotions.

Mercury in Taurus: a charmer, pretty social.

Venus in Gemini: dualness in love and money. Might have more than one interest at a time.

Mars in Aries: extremely masculine, this just adds to his fire, enthusiasm, energetic (especially physically).

Jupiter in Aries: likes variety and is expansive in interests (there's always room for another type of activity).

Saturn in Pisces: resilient, indestructable quality, determined and disciplined, but always optimistic,

Uranus in Virgo: needs privacy.

Neptune in Scorpio: somewhat secretive and mysterious.

Pluto in Virgo: seeks long-term perfection.

profile provided courtesy of Thalya

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