The Ethnic NewsWatch, August 23, 1995

BYLINE: Nash, Sibylla

Sid 6.7 partakes in such maniacal glee in dismembering folks and the does it with style, you almost wonder gee, where did they find this guy? Well, Leonard noticed Crowe in his chilling portrayal of a neo-Nazi in "Romper Stomper." Crowe made his U.S. film debut opposite Sharon Stone in "The Quick and the Dead."

Crowe, who has been touted as the next Mel Gibson, poured over the biographies of killers to prepare for his role. He also worked with a dialect coach to lose the Australian accent, which was pretty easy for him. "Any given day I probably run through 20 or 30 different ways of speaking, it's an annoying habit I've had since I was a kid," says Crowe.